Hubville is a non-profit solution. It sprang from the idea that a sustainable city connected with high-speed connections initially domestically, can make the city a very attractive place to live. And as a remote and attractive can city can generate substantial real estate profits, a high-speed train network can be built.

Hub Anders

Anders Varger
Anders is the initiator of Hubville. He has been committed to questions about sustainability and climate change for many years.

Anders starting point is that efficient mitigation to address climate change, require constructive visions about the future, and that we need to reject the opinion that climate mitigation is expensive, and to replace it with the more accurate perspective of mitigation as an enormous opportunity for society and corporations to build future competitiveness.

He has been a board member of Green Cross Sweden for many years, and has also done volunteer work for nature organisation Stockholms Naturskyddsforening. He is the CEO and founder of crowdfunding platform Arantus.

Hub Leif

Leif Edvinsson
Professor Leif Edvinsson is a key pioneering contributor to both the theory and practice of Intellectual Capital.

Leif received the prestigious Brain Trust "Brain of the Year" award, UK. for his pioneering work on IC. In 2006 also listed in a book by London Business Press, as one of The 50 Most influential Thinkers in the World.

Also associate member of The Club of Rome. He is also Cofounder and Founding Chairman of The New Club of Paris, focused on the Knowledge Economy initiatives.

Hub Martin

Martin Hedberg
Martin is a meteorologist with theoretical and practical experience, ranging from making weather forecasts to presenting scientific data.

Martin is the founder of Swedens first privately held whether company, SWC, Swedish Weather and Climate Centre. He is also a co-founder of Entropics Asset Management AB. Among Swedish residents Martin is recognised as a TV meteorologist and as the front person of weather forecasting service

During the last 14 years Martin has worked with consulting and lecturing about climate change, energy issues and risk, with employers such as universities, public companies and listed corporations.

As a curiosity can be mentioned Martin was in a team breaking a trans-Atlantic world speed record for monohull yachts. It was in 1997 with the sail ship Nicorette.