Hubville – a Sustainable City that already exists. If we want.

The creation of Hubville should benefit everyone, and if it turns out to be financially sound, Hubville should have a good chance to become a reality.

But the conventional society will not pioneer sustainability, and politicians will not be the ones taking the first steps. The action will happen if a large number of people provide a solution and demand it should be implemented.

The next step - a virtual arena

The next step for this website is to create a virtual arena, where everyone can meet. There will be lectures, and features for collaboration between corporations, entrepreneurs, experts and individuals. People shall be able to meet in a social hub of sustainability.

It will be called the Campus, and just like a regular campus, there will also be entertainment, such as concerts. We believe we can attract the most popular artists to perform.

Besides the virtual arena, there will also be live meetings. There will be small informal meetings as well as larger conferences, to which the attendees can be visionaries, climate change experts, brilliant entrepreneurs, sociologists, political wizards, storytellers, curious tech nerds, architects and journalists.

Together, the virtual arena and the live meetings will create the roadmap to the first high-connected sustainable city.

Perhaps together, we will start the largest and the most important entrepreneurial project ever; the sustainable society.

Conférence Bestfact sur la logistique et les intermodalités européennes, tenue dans la Grande Arche de la Défense

We need motivated people

Can you see yourself moving this project forward? Hubville is a cross disciplinary project including everything from techie stuff to legal and marketing, academics as well as crafts people. Have a look at the people we are looking for.

Perhaps you have a skill in addition to the skills we are searching for. Do not hesitate to send us a message.