Welcome to Hubville – a New City to Create a Sustainable Society

The need: Within 10 years Sweden will need 700 000 new homes. That enables the building of a new sustainable city. Smooth and efficient domestic transportation will make the new city attractive. Clean electricity super sonic vactrains or high speed maglev trains should be used.


The solution: There are technical solutions to enable a satisfactory sustainable lifestyle, even for a regular westerner person. This city would attract progressive entrepreneurs and corporations, with an awareness that sustainability is an upcoming business opportunity.

How to finance: The city and the new transportation system would be profitable. Since government subsidy is not necessary, the ordinary political planning process should be shortened. Perhaps it is possible to raise a new city and the transportation system within a few years.

Inspiring the world: A successful city would influence the development of similar cities in other countries. These cities should be connected with the transportation system described above. Each city would become a hub to reach the world. A successful network of sustainable cities would show the rest of the world how sustainability is possible, enabling for politicians to implement the necessary legislation to make the world sustainable.